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Awsome Friday night!

Tommorow night (friday Dec.17)

This Friday night we have the usual $10 all you can drink and a couple of special surprises! Through out the night we will be doing a couple of rounds of movie quote trivia for shots with a special christmas quote round :) Free shots to winners of the rounds.
And starting tommorow night and every friday night Randy ( old bartender from spider's) will be following my shift at The Bar!! :) So come in and say hi.
Tommorow night is my last Friday night until the Huge new years eve bash. So come out show your quote knowledge and get sloshed with Amber :)

As always:
Where: The Bar 3224 edenborn ave... (the old ski lodge)

WHAT'S THE BIG DEAL: $10 ALL YOU CAN DRINK!!!!!!! : This includes: domestic beer bottles and draft, well mixed drinks and CALL MIXED DRINKS!!!
( well shots are $2 and call shots are $3 and imports and premiums are regular price)

From: 7pm-12am
Come on out and visit me and get SLOSHED with Amber!
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