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ENDLESS NIGHT ~ This weekend...

Plenty of LJer's coming to this from all over the country, and abroad:


Halloween weekend, October 29th, 30th & 31st, 2004
Club 735 Bourbon, New Orleans LA

OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE #4 - Oct. 22nd, 2004

You are cordially invited to experience a full weekend of dark pleasures and unearthly delights in America's most deviant and haunted city, New Orleans for the seventh annual Endless Night Festival!  This year we have sold tickets from Brazil, Japan, Spain, Russia, Italy, Germany, France, the Netherlands and Sweden, so it promised to be one of the most international events in the world!  Here is the official press release of performances as of October 22nd, 2004!

Thursday, October 28th
Endless Night Kickoff Party & New Music Showcase


Torrent Vaccine - http://www.torrentvaccine.com
Salome's Wish - http://www.salomeswish.com
Helltrash - http://www.helltrash.net
VampStar - http://www.vampstar.com
Psi Vamp - http://www.psivamp.com
Caleb Storms - http://www.calebstorms.com
Special blood show performance by SheDevilVixen an MK Ultra ViXXXen

Friday, October 29th


Xian (Fang Club, Perversion, Wumpskate, Los Angeles)
Jack Dean Stauss (Fang Club, Los Angeles)
Lestat (LBV NYC resident DJ, Hidden Shadows, New York City)
Jet (VampireFreaks.com & CyberTron, New York City)
Corvax (Black Septre, Berlin)
Crudelia (LBV NYC, Cave of Satyr, Legendz & Black Xion, Amsterdam)
Th'Elf (Otherkin Consortium, Ontario)
Cypher (Bound DC)


Bozo Porno Circus - http://www.bozopornocircus.com
Bella Morte - http://www.bellamorte.com
Nocturne - http://www.nocturne.cc
Salome's Wish - http://www.salomeswish.com
Pitbull Daycare - http://www.pitbulldaycare.com
Helltrash  - http://www.helltrash.net
Torrent Vaccine - http://www.torrentvaccine.com
Special blood show by SheDevilVixen - http://www.shedevilvixen.com
Dr. Zero's Mad Wrestling Ladies

Bondage & suspecnsion performances by Tinkerhell - http://www.tinkerhell.com
Dr. Zero's Mad Wrestling Ladies
A special dark raver performance by Maven Lore

Saturday - October 30th

Mistress of Ceremonies, Empress Chi Chi Valenti


Xian (Fang Club, Perversion, Wumpskate, Los Angeles)
Jack Dean Stauss (Fang Club, Los Angeles)
Lestat (LBV NYC resident DJ, Hidden Shadows, New York City)
Th'Elf (Otherkin Consortium, Ontario)
Jet (VampireFreaks.com & CyberTron, New York City)
Corvax (Black Septre, Berlin)
Crudelia (LBV NYC, Cave of Satyr, Legendz & Black Xion, Amsterdam)


Seraphim Shock - http://www.seraphimshock.com
Bile - http://www.bilestyle.com
URL - http://www.urncentral.com
PsiVamp - http://www.psivamp.com
St. Eve - http://www.thesainteve.com
Vampstar - http://www.vampstar.com
Special midnight blood show by SheDevilVixen – http://www.shedevilvixen.com
House of the Dreaming will present the a special Grande Sanguine Mass
The MK Ultra ViXXXens will also be on hand for our pleasure

Endless Night Endorsed Events

The Dark Bazaar (all weekend) presented by House Scarlet Moon (www.housescarletmoon.org) with over 20 vendors, live bands and a central meeting point at the Hampton Inn Hotel.  Free admission.

Vampire Codex book signing (Saturday 2pm-5pm) Join Michelle Belanger of House Kheperu ( http://www.michellebelanger.com / http://www.kheperu.org ) on Saturday October 30th at Esoterica Occult Goods for a book signing and the release of her new book The Psychic Vampire Codex with Sam Weiser Books.

Sanctum of Elorath, Quabal (Sunday evening) is a private banquet and presentations by the KerK Von Satan and a joint Sahjaza Kheperu Halloween ritual.  VIP tickets only and a secret location.

Fang Club & Closing Ceremonies (Sunday evening) join us for the closing ceremonies with Fang Club New Orleans, location TBA.  http://www.fangclub.com


Tickets for each Ball at 735 are $25 in advance and $30 at the door.  VIP full weekend tickets are $99 ea. Opening ceremonies are FREE with tickets to the Dark Fetish Ball or $10.  VIP tickets include Sanctum of Elorath Quabal & Banquet, Fang Club and the Dark Fetish Ball & Vampyre Ball with an official EN2004 t-shirt.

Tickets can be obtained from Ticketweb.com, via Paypal on EndlessNight.com (tickets mail Oct. 1st), in person at Esoterica Occult Goods ( http://www.onewitch.com ) @ 541 Rue Dumaine, New Orleans, Gargoyles Leather @ 1205 Decatur St. ( http://www.gargoyles-leather.com ) and the Transformatorium ( http://www.transformatorium.com ) inside the Halloween Adventure Shop at 104 4th Ave. NYC.

PLEASE NOTE: we will have professional photographers on site for performances.  Photography at the Vampyre Ball and the Dark Fetish Ball are only permitted with press pass.  Please email Girotto Mithu at endlessnight2004@aol.com for all press & photographer inquiries.

All events are 18 to enter, 21 to feed.  Gates for the Dark Fetish Ball and the Vampyre Ball open at 10pm-4am.  There is a strict dress code of all black, formal, gothic, fetish (PVC, leather, latex), all black, costume, historical garb and creative attire.  NO jeans, sneakers or "normal" wear is allowed!  This dress code will be STRICTLY enforced and tickets are not valid without proper attire.  Note advance tickets for the Vampyre Ball & Dark Fetish Ball are only valid until Midnight.

The Endless Night Festival 2004 is sponsored by:

Transformatorium - http://www.transformatorium.com
Sabretooth - http://www.sabretooth.com
House Kheperu - http://www.kheperu.org
Fang Club LA - http://www.fangclub.com
Esoterica Occult Goods - http://www.onewitch.com
House Sahjaza - http://www.housesahjaza.org
Black Xion, Amsterdam - http://www.blackxion.org
Black Avalon, London - http://www.blackavalon.org.uk
Dark Awakenings - http://www.darkawakenings.com
Gargoyles Leather - http://www.gargoyles-leather.com
The Sanctum of Elorath - http://www.strigoivii.org
Rakasha Books - http://www.rakasha.com
Order of the Crimson Tongues - http://www.orderofthecrimsontongues.org
House of the Dreaming - http://www.houseofthedreaming.org
Vampire Freaks - http://www.vampirefreaks.com
Fuck the MainStream - http://www.fuckthemainstream.com
Kerk Von Satan - http://www.satanisme.nl

For more information please visit http://www.endlessnight.com or join our e-list at Yahoogroups http://groups.yahoo.com/group/EndlessNightFestival/  Email: endlessnight2004@aol.com.

Endless Night Productions, L.L.C. is a affiliate of Sabretooth, L.L.C.  The Endless Night Festival, the Vampyre Ball, Sabretooth, Long Black Veil & the Dark Fetish Ball are registered trademarks of Sabretooth, L.L.C. a New York corporation.
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